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About Papa's Pizzaria

The story. Our profile. The 411. You get the idea.

Papa's Pizzaria didn't come about in 1982. It went through a few changes and variations, once being Graziano's, and Romano's, before it ended up being Papa's.

One thing didn't change; The love this community had for it's local pizza joint. Before Papa's, Rio Lindans had to drive to Dinler Dan's on Northgate, or Straw Hat on Elkhorn and Watt. When Papa's opened, that all changed.

We went to Papa's after Football games, after Little League games, after school, for birthday parties, for anniversaries, for celebrations of all kinds.

The music was always pumping, the video games were always playing, the beer was always flowing and the food was always great.

By the mid 2010's, Papa's had moved to a new location and while it was nice, it was never the same.

In 2018, Steve Tresner bought the MarVal Plaza, which had been sitting mostly abandoned for many years, and began renovations.

Christina Ratcliff-Geer, a born and raised Rio Linda High School graduate who bleeds black and gold, saw the opportunity to restore the Pizzaria of our youth and ran with it.

The road was long and hard, but along with her family they have worked hard, invested much, and restored the local meeting place and restaurant that we all have known and loved.